Keeping kids entertained during Social Distancing

As we move into month 4 of social distancing it may be harder keeping kiddos engaged and entertained at home, while still maintaining proper social distancing. Below we’ve compiled some weekend activities for you to try with your children during this time at home.

Quarantine Time Capsule: Have your child locate items around the house that are unique to this time of social distancing. Then in 1,3,5 or 10 years, you can open it together and reminisce.

Alphabet Drive: Sometimes, everyone just needs a change of scenery and to get out of the house. Take a drive around town and have your child find the letters of the alphabet on signs. If your child is still learning their letters, have them try to find the colors of the rainbow.

Moon Walk: Go for a moonlit walk! The weather isn’t warm for very long, so take advantage of the warm nights and go search for lightning bugs, bats, and listen for owls.

Natura Scavenger Hunt: Make a list of items in nature (rocks, leaves, flowers, bugs etc.) and have your child try to find each item.