• Infants

    6 Weeks to 18 Months

    The infant room is the perfect place for the youngest of learners to begin their early education journey. We accept children beginning at 6 weeks of age, and they typically stay with us until the age of 18 months, or until there is space available in the toddler classroom. Care in the infant room is highly individualized and responsive to each child’s needs and patterns for eating, sleeping, play and snuggle time. We strive to build close partnerships with parents in an effort to foster seamless transitions from home to Center each day. We try to mirror each parent’s model of care for their child within the framework of state licensing regulations and our ability to provide equal care in a group setting. We provide care for up to four little learners in the infant care room.

    Parents provide breast milk, formula, whole milk, and all foods as pureed, solid, and finger foods are introduced. Parents also provide all disposable diapering products and changes of clothes, all to be kept at the Center and replenished as needed. We also support nursing mothers and have a private room for their use.

    Full-time care (4-5 days) is $215 per week.

    Part-time care (1-3 days) is $163 per week.


  • Toddlers

    18 months to 3 years

    Growth and learning in the toddler room build on the competencies and development gained while in the infant room. Play-based learning and socialization are the names of the game! Highly individualized care gently gives way to routine, parallel play, and group learning. We provide flexible structure and introduce a daily schedule that includes hands-on art, literacy, and sensory activities. Potty training typically happens here, too, and close communication between home and Center is very important. We provide care for up to 10 toddlers per day. The Center provides breakfast, as well as a morning and afternoon snack. Parents provide a lunch from home.

    Full-time care (4-5 days) is $190 per week.

    Part-time care (1-3 days) is $145 per week.

  • Preschool

    3 to 5 years old

    The preschool classroom provides an early learning program that is included in all full-time enrollments for children ages 3 through 5 (Pre-K). We also welcome children into this program who do not otherwise come for child care. Our stand-alone preschool opportunities include 2-day, 3-day, and 5-day schedules from 9:00 a.m. to noon.

    We offer a play-based curriculum, a method identified as best practice by NAEYC (The National Association for the Education of Young Children). Children learn new things daily in a setting where hands-on participation is viewed as an essential part of cognitive development. We foster growth and learning through engaging activities that inspire natural curiosity and exploration. Our program reflects this in a balance of process-oriented activities and imaginative free play.

    Each day offers an artful mix of literacy activities, sensory experiences, art exploration, “loose parts” (ask us), dramatic play, and nature-based play opportunities. Our curriculum is open-ended, which allows our teachers to expand on themes and modify or augment activities to support and adapt to the interests and abilities of the children.

    Parents can expect to receive regular newsletters from the preschool teachers detailing the themes and activities for the month ahead. At mid-year, parents have the opportunity to conference with the teachers to discuss student progress and plan for the months to come.

    Full-time care (4-5 days) is $175 per week. (Children need to be potty trained to attend the preschool classroom).

    Part-time care (1-3 days) is $140 per week.


    Preschool Program-only enrollment (9:00 AM–Noon):

    • Tuesday & Thursday, $65 per week
    • Monday, Wednesday & Friday, $90 per week
    • Monday — Friday, $105 per week
  • School Age

    5 to 8 years old

    After a long day at school, children need a comfortable, yet stimulating, child care environment. Our program allows children to balance learning and fun through a variety of experiences. From homework help to fun physical activities, our early education program is designed to meet the diverse needs of our students in grades K-3. Being kind, showing empathy, and playing fairly are all things that make up character—and we think it’s important to focus on them. We teach children to develop that character in the community by participating in service projects throughout the year.

    Full-time care (4-5 days) for before/after care is $140 per week.

    Part-time care (1-3 days) for before/after care is $95 per week.

    Full time care (4-5 days) in the summer and vacations, the fee for this classroom is $170 per week.

    Part time summer/vacations care (1-3 days) is $125 per week.

    Drop in rate is $40 per day.