Music and Movement

Music and movement plays a very important role in a child’s development. It has many benefits including social, mental and physical development and language growth. Group music class helps develop and refine children’s social skills, and here at the Cathance Children’s Center we are lucky to be able to offer enrolled children music class with Mr. Matt (Loosigian) once a week. The children absolutely love music with Mr. Matt and while they are enjoying singing, dancing, and playing instruments, they are also developing small and large motor skills, learning to express emotions, improving balance and coordination and improving their memory and learning skills.

Different age groups require different types of musical experiences. Infants are often easily overstimulated by loud music, so softer music in the background may be better for them. Toddlers generally do great with repetition which encourages language and memorization, while preschoolers love songs that ask them to do things, are familiar and have a definite beat. All ages can enjoy finger plays, and below you will find finger play ideas for each age group.

Infants: Pat-a-cake. Sit infant on your lap and while singing the song, hold their hands in your hands and do the motions with them.

Toddlers: Itsy Bitsy Spider. Toddlers love the movements in this song. Have them walk their spider up the water spout, and then wiggle their fingers for the rain coming down. Toddlers also may think it’s funny to substitute a word. Trying singing the “Itsy Bitsy Elephant!” Ask your child to think of other animals to climb up the water spout.

Preschool: I hear Thunder (To the tune of Frere Jacques) I hear thunder, I hear thunder (drum feet on floor) Do you, too? Do you too? (pretend to listen) Pitter-patter raindrops, Pitter-patter raindrops. (Indicate rain with fingers) I’m wet through. (shake body vigorously) So are you. (point to a neighbor)

This is a great song to try with your preschooler because it gets their whole body moving!